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Welcome to Cross Country Computer Corp's FREE Lookup Directory! In this section you will find a wealth of FREE tools that will help you get quick answers to a wide range of common business challenges. Make sure to check back here often, as new utilities will be added periodically! Have a suggestion?  Click Here to let us know how we can improve our lookup services or site.

Zip Code Lookup
Generate a list of zips in any city in the U.S. or retrieve zip ranges for a specific state.
Zip Code Distance
Get the air mile distance between any two 5 Digit zip codes in the U.S.
SIC Lookup
Retrieve SIC and NAICS information from SIC Code.
Zip Codes by County

Generate a list of zip codes in any county within the U.S.

Zip Codes in a Radius
Generate a listing of all zip codes within a specific air mile radius.
State Finder
Locate all states for which a city exists.
Area Codes in a Radius
List area codes & exchanges falling within a specific air mile radius.
Population Lookup
List all zip codes within state meeting population threshold or find population of specific city or zip.
Break Even Calculator
Click here to calculate a basic break even analysis!
Area Code Lookup
List all area codes within a specific city, state or zip code or get area code information.
Phone Lookup
List area codes, cities and states for 7 digit phone or specific information for 10 digit phone.
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